Multifunktionsverktyg Denver

Multifunktionsverktyg Denver MH02-BL

Ett verktyg med 8 funktioner i rostfritt stål. Den har bland annat en hammare, som sällan finns i multifunktionella verktyg, och en spikavdragare. Förpackad i en polyesterpåse.' 17,5 x 11,0 x 5,0 cm


Antal 20 50 100 200 500 1000
Pris/st 359,00 305,00 392,00 286,00 283,00 260,00

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Colorissimo business gifts are based on own design with production in best retail factories. Carefully selected, limited collections in 11 vibrant colors fit to 90% of corporate logotypes.

100% of gifts are intended to serve human?s real needs in long-lasting perspective. ?Colorissimo? smart business solutions have no analogues in profile industry.

Reliability, marketing innovations and friendly support - are the most honored references from our Scandinavian partners. Feel the difference.

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